Friday, December 14, 2012

Haailand’s New Year Bash – Few More Days to Go

Make this New Year’s eve memorable for your loved ones, take them out to the best place for welcoming 2013. Wondering which place is it? No other than Haailand theme park; it’s the best place for the old and the young to enjoy a New Year bash.

Song and dance performances, acrobatics, comedy acts, ramp walking, and DJ performances are just a few of the attractions that Haailand has planned for New Year eve. To make the ceremony all the more irresistible, the food and drinks arranged are also extraordinary. Not disclosing the menu yet; let the suspense build.

Take a look at last year’s New Year bash at Haailand as published in The Hindu:

This year it’s going to be even BIGGER. Very limited tickets left to be sold. Grab yours right now. Contact + 91 9390874283 or go to and book your ticket fast.

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